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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  October 2, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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now, abc 2 news at 6:30. >> baltimore county man is taking action against a colorado farmer after their loved one dies after eating tainted cantaloupe. launching their first enters in the holiday wars. what tops the list? we'll take you to the foundation's golf day. but first tonight, the family of a man who died from eating tainted cantaloupe speaks out tonight. he died on august 31st.
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it came from a farm in colorado. >> reporter: his daughter says they first noticed a problem when their father gained 9 pounds in three days. he began to lose his appetite. a couple of days later, he was again admitted into the hospital. six days after that, he died. his test results showed listeria. he was at least one of 15 deaths now contributed to that infected batch of cantaloupe. >> i think the following day, the tuesday, the girl from maryland says it was the cantaloupe outbreak of listeria. it was surreal. i was dealing with the fact that he wasn't here anymore and
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then this whole other thing going on and it's just kind of taken over. >> now coming up at 1 # 1:00, hear from this mourning family as well as the some of the details about the suit they filed against that tomorrow in colorado. thanks. tonight, jason hicks is behind bars charged with arson, accused of setting that fire that destroyed a tire shop this baltimore last week. the fire started last monday and burned through the two- story building in northwest baltimore. burning tires created a cloud of thick, black smoke. it could be seen through parts of howard county. is she an innocent caught up in bad circumstances or an accomplice in a murder? she'll get one more chance to appeal asking them to overthrow
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the 2009 convictions. >> reporter: it is the moment amanda knox has been waiting for, to make a statement to the italians. it's expected to be an emotional emotional speech expressing her intho sense. >> it's 10 times worse than what we've had to endure. >> reporter: make a final rebuttal before the execute u.s. government lease no. dtfanm-09-l-00103 between the federal aviation administration and the county of sacramento at sacramento international airport (airports) judges. >> it's deeply stressful. itself has been. >> reporter: for years now, they were convicted in 2009 of brutally murdering her roommate. her body was found slashed lying in a pool of blood, the alleged kitchen knife had
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amanda's dna evidence on the handle, the key piece of evidence linking amanda to the crime. the dna collection was shoddy and dna traces so small it couldn't be retested. they called her a sex-loving she devil and want her 26-year sentence increased to life. her lawyers say she's victim and already spent more than a thousand days this jail for a crime she didn't commit. after four years behind bars, that wait is almost over. she'll have one final chance to fight for her freedom in court on monday. it was a good day out there to catch up on weeding. once again, we had lots of cloud cover and that drizzle,
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that pesky rain. still dealing with a little bit of drizzle, some light rain. that will be the name of the game as we go through the west in the evening. temperatures on the chilly side. hope you had the rain gear and the jacket. look at these temperatures this t 40s and we're looking at the 50s into cambridge. mostly cloudy, we have the damp weather out there. i'll tell you when we'll see more sunshine coming back in the forecast. democracy 2012. blasts new jersey governor chris christy on an appearance on a sunday morning talk show. little substance to the presidential race. attacked christy's record and says the republican has struggled to create jobs. new jersey governor has
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resisted whining but those close say he's reconsidering his decision. coming up, we all know that exercise is good to you, but it's especially helpful with cancer patients. how important the rehabilitation is for the patient. plus,, let the holiday gadget wars begin. the gadgets that may top your holiday wish list. made it up to only 51 degrees with all the clouds and we got a little bit of rain in the rain gauge. when the rain's going to go away, when we'll get more sunshine and warmer temperatures.
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stick around.
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let's face it, we could all use a little more exercise. it's a big lifestyle change for cancer patients and can have a huge impact on their treatment and recovery. researchers found cancer patients aren't getting the physical rehabilitation they need once the treatment is over. cancer treatment centers of america many this philadelphia has integrated rehab into the mix. october is breast cancer awareness a month. lindsay, what kind of problems are the cancer survivors left to deal with? >> one of the things is a nueropathy in the hands and
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feet. 70-100 % of patients is tiredness or fatigue. >> what really is important with the exercise? >> so exercise, when you exercise it releases endoor fins and gives you a boost of energy. it's knowing how much and what intensities to do exercise. >> a cancer patient is already dealing with fatigue. wouldn't exercise wear them out? i'm looking for the balance. >> cancer treatment centers of america, we have a program called motion for life. it's exercise and knowing how much. we recommend or try to build our patients up so they can do 20 minutes four to six times a week of lightly to somewhat hard level of exercise. >> when you're looking at a cancer patient for a first time and when they come in for an
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evaluation, what happens? >> we interview them, ask them about their fatigue level, ask them the if they're having that numbness or tingling. we monitor their heart rate and blood pressure. >> i had a friend diagnosed with blood pressure and the thing she missed the most was getting that exercise. >> research continues to show that exercise during treatment helps fight the cancer and exercise after helps prevent the reohio corns. >> you can't just jump into it. what should you know before you start? >> we recommend if you're trying to start a new exercise, you speak with your physician and get cleared so you know it's safe for you to do. >> you mentioned neuropathy,
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that tingling, that numbness. how do you address that? >> we use called a rebuilder. it's a form of electric stem. it's not painful. we put pads on the hand and the feet and it helps with that numbness and tingling. in addition, we do balance exercises to decrease that risk of falls. >> how does it work? >> it's jump a simple machine. put it on the hands or the feet and you turn it on, it runs for a half an hour. >> where can we go to find out more? >> they can log on to >> uh-huh. all right. and the phone number is 800-
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333- thank you for providing us with that important information. all right, check out what's going on here. this is beautiful out there, at least it looks like it. look at the sky. we are definitely looking at a little bit of drizzle as we go through the remainder of the evening. the temperature is 48 degrees right now. humidity at 77%. the winds oh it of the west at 9 miles an hour. the barometer is 29.89. you can see the clouds have been around basically all morning, all afternoon. we really never got a break out there. again, we just dealt with that drizzle, that pesky stuff in the air that won't go away. we did have windy conditions at time. here are the peak wind gusts
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into glenwood, 24 miles an hour. annapolis at 18. over an inch of rain into leesburg. we just had it all together. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on a whole lot right now. the rain drops just too little for the radar to pick up on. don't be surprised if there is a misting outside. never got out of 40 into york, pennsylvania and into hagerstown. forecast coming around 55 degrees. be similar to today in terms of the cloud cover and some showers. that temperature coming in
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around 54 degrees. upper level low. look here closely and you can see into pennsylvania, just a little bit of a mix, some light snow into western pennsylvania into west virginia at this time. you can see what's happening here because that pattern has that westerly wind coming in here. it is very cold on the backside. we'll be dealing with high pressure moving into the system. as we go in through the rest of the evening, we'll have a chance for light drizzle, light showers. we're going to do it all over again and as we head into tuesday, we'll get a little bit of drizzle but that system starts to pull away with us and we'll be replaced with high pressure. it is going to be cold, so make sure you have that coat as you head out and about. 55 degrees, more scattered
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showers. continued chilly by tomorrow night. mostly cloudy. those temperatures still remain below average. the seven-day forecast, we like it here. we'll start to warm things up nicely, kelly, and we'll see those temperatures in the 70s. i love this forecast. i'm so happy to be able to say this. one upper level low last week replaced with the other one and that will finally get out of here. >> it went from fall to winter over night. >> we'll go up nicely, though. >> look at this. there we go. third place in the money golf day. take a look. i'll show you some of the action. okay, that was a lucky one. lucky one. but our team really did a great
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job raising money for the foundation this week. the baltimore-based foundation pairs up with every nfl team celebrating inspirational players and raising awareness of child abuse. with this tournament we were putting away child abuse. >> it's more of a family atmosphere. not only adults but children can do it as well. helping abused children, i think that gets to the core of people we want to reach out to and help be a part of this. >> it was really a huge success. this is the 11th annual mini golf day. debbie gibson, a five-year breast cancer survivor kicked off breast cancer awareness month with a bang held shoot for the cure this weekend. they're still adding up to the totals, but have raised $5500.
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people came out to raise their rifles for a variety of reasons. >> it is a wonderful event that brings attention to this dread disease, breast cancer. my wife is a five-year survivor. we thought this would be a great way to bring attention to the many, many ways that komen's is helping to eradicate this disease and to show the shooting sports in a positive light. >> they were pleased with the tournament, more than 170 folks come out. that's more than double what they usually have. you haven't even seen the decorations for the holidays, and you're already talking about those gotta have gadgets for the holidays. what do you have to have this holiday season? what we expect to be hot this holiday season.
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consumer alert, i can't beef this, but the battle for the holiday gadgets is under way. between amazon's tablet and an apple i-phone announcement, will they top the wish list or there other surprises in store? >> a hundred thousand movies and tv shows. 17million songs. >> reporter: no coincidence here, amazon unveiled its entry into the tablet market with a release date just in time for holiday shopping. it will come out november 15th, right when the holiday season is ramping up, a couple weeks ahead of black friday. >> reporter: the kindle fire will be a simpler, smaller competitor to apple's i-pad, currently tops among consumers.
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>> it's attractives, but i don't need everything or maybe i can't afford it. >> reporter: the price tag on amazon's, $199, half the i- pad's starting price. >> i can't imagine other manufacturers aren't looking at cutting the prices of their devices to be more competitive. >> reporter: came days before another big event, an announcement by apple on tuesday, october 4th that's expected to reveal the latest i- phone. before you put those items at the top of your list, remember the season for new gadgets is just getting started and more big things could be on the way. >> it's getting busy and there's going to be a lot of new stuff hitting the market over the next month or month and a half. >> we'll be right back with our last look at the weather.
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kick off at 8:20, we could
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see scattered showers and drizzle out there. >> that's why i got on my purple, purple sunday. >> have a good one.
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